Hartford Symphony musicians approve two-year contract renewal

Posted on: March 18, 2011

In Wednesday’s Hartford Courant (Connecticut), Frank Rizzo reports, “Hartford Symphony Orchestra musicians have approved a two-year contract renewal. The contract was negotiated by representatives from the HSO staff, board of directors, the orchestra committee, and American Federation of Musicians Local 400. Leading the talks were Orchestra Committee Chair Edward ‘Rick’ Rozie, President & CEO Kristen Phillips, and Joe Messina, President of American Federation of Musicians Local 400. ‘The Symphony and the musicians were respectful of each others’ needs and came to a mutually agreeable solution that will allow the organization to move forward and grow,’ … said Messina in a statement.” Phillips commented, “The entire negotiations process was collaborative, productive, and collegial, with all sides trying to identify win-win solutions … particularly recognizing the HSO’s continuing financial challenges.” Rosie, who is also principal bassist, added: “In this time when … compromise is seen as a form of weakness, both management and labor have shown that the better way is to work together to secure a dynamic and solid future for all. However, our work is not done. The arts are under attack in our country. Our job will be to continue to show the public the necessity of keeping the arts in our lives. A thriving community includes the arts and educational opportunities.”

Posted March 18, 2011