Louisville Orchestra’s reorganization date extended

Posted on: March 23, 2011

In Wednesday’s (3/23) Courier-Journal (Louisville, Kentucky), Elizabeth Kramer reports, “A federal bankruptcy court Tuesday granted the Louisville Orchestra an extra two months to file its reorganization plan. Judge David T. Stosberg moved the due date to May 31. His decision splits the difference between the previous date of April 1—which the Louisville Orchestra Musicians’ Association asked the court to uphold—and July 31, the date the orchestra requested. May 31 is also when the musicians’ contract with the orchestra expires. The orchestra’s lawyer, Mark Robinson, told the court that the administration has made substantial progress in meeting its obligation to finish its current season by obtaining $2.3 million in funds. That’s just $120,000 short of meeting this season’s budget, he said. Robinson also said the orchestra is in negotiations with the musicians about a future contract. Irwin Cutler Jr., a lawyer working with the musicians, said the negotiations have been ongoing only in a very broad sense. … The two sides met twice in January regarding a future contract. The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday. … Timothy Schenk, an attorney representing the musicians, said that as one of the creditors in the bankruptcy case, the musicians also plan to submit a reorganization plan to the court.”

Posted March 23, 2011