Film to depict Dvorak’s Iowa residency

Posted on: April 13, 2011

In Tuesday’s (4/12) Decorah Newspapers (Iowa), Sarah Strandberg writes, “A movie based on Czech composer Antonin Dvorak’s visit to Spillville may be filmed in the small but historic Northeast Iowa community. Spillville Mayor Mike Klimesh has been asked to provide a ‘letter of support’ for the project. ‘I think it would be an awesome opportunity for the city of Spillville to have its story told. It would be a great way to generate money for Spillville and Northeast Iowa,’ said Klimesh, who has been in contact with the film’s Producer Lenora May of Los Angeles, a television and screen actress. Emmy-award-winning Craig Heller produced the script. … ‘Spillville is the story of how world famous composer Antonin Dvorak, suffering a creative crisis in the summer of 1893, came to the tiny farming town of Spillville, Iowa, saved the town from extinction, and the town saved Dvorak,’ the Web site, Spillville the Movie, states. … Filming is expected to take three to five weeks in summer or early fall of 2011 in order for it to be ready for the 2012 ‘Mutual Inspirations,’ an event sponsored by the Embassy of the Czech Republic that will occur annually for four years, beginning in Washington D.C. next year.”

Posted April 13, 2011