Pittsburgh home to a plethora of community orchestras

Posted on: April 14, 2011

In Thursday’s (4/14) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Mary Thomas writes, “Local fans of classical music are well-acquainted with the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, which is internationally acclaimed and garners frequent attention in the media. Lesser known are the community orchestras that regularly perform throughout our region, offering a robust concert experience without the fuss of traveling to the city center and generally at a far lower ticket price. These orchestras tailor their programming to serve their individual communities, striking a balance between classical and popular music. … The motivation for musicians to take part in these orchestras is summed up by Corinne Kraft, violinist, board member and past president of the Edgewood Symphony Orchestra: love of music, love of playing and love of the group. The musicians are dedicated to spreading the joy of music to new audiences. … All of the orchestras have been feeling the pinch of bad economic times, some more than others. The Pittsburgh Philharmonic, which performs in Butler County and the northern suburbs, cut as much as a 20 percent of its budget over three years. … With careful planning and continuing support—even if it is reduced for some groups—the orchestras have managed to maintain programming levels and quality.” The other orchestras spotlighted by Thomas include the McKeesport Symphony, Pittsburgh Philharmonic, Washington Symphony Orchestra, and Westmoreland Symphony Orchestra.


Posted April 14, 2011