Chicago mayor-elect Emanuel hints at additional costs for arts nonprofits

Posted on: April 28, 2011

In Thursday’s (4/28) Chicago Tribune, John Byrne writes, “Mayor-elect Rahm Emanuel suggested to a theater full of arts patrons Wednesday that he would look into whether nonprofit institutions will have to start paying property taxes under his administration. Later, however, an Emanuel transition aide clarified that the incoming mayor is not considering raising taxes on nonprofits, saying the option isn’t on the table. The confusion came as Emanuel spoke onstage at the Goodman Theatre, a property tax-exempt organization. Asked by an audience member what his position was on property taxes on not-for-profit institutions, Emanuel said he was ‘going to look more into it.’ … During the campaign, Emanuel said he would start charging nonprofits for their water use. He reiterated that during his remarks at the Goodman. While Emanuel’s comments on property taxes were vague, he talked about a philosophy in which everybody in the city must feel their share of the sacrifice is fair, even those in an arts community he said he cherishes.”

Posted April 28, 2011