New Haven Symphony forms alliance with New Haven Chorale

Posted on: April 28, 2011

The New Haven Symphony Orchestra in Connecticut has announced that it will provide administrative support for the New Haven Chorale in an alliance that NHSO Executive Director Natalie Forbes described in a press release as “a natural fit for two historic and well-respected New Haven arts institutions.” The support will initially focus on marketing and promotional support, with Chorale Treasurer Robert Santy commenting, “The Chorale saw an opportunity to take advantage of the NHSO’s professional communications staff to augment what have largely been promotional activities led by volunteers on our part.” The NHSO is also inviting inquiries from other nonprofit partners to discuss administrative-alliance opportunities in the areas of marketing, public relations, ticketing, and grant-writing. “The current economic times demand that non-for-profits seek alliances to maximize their respective strengths, and which enable their continued ability to provide excellent levels of service to their communities,” said Forbes.

Posted April 28, 2011