Pittsburgh Symphony’s Goeres to premiere new Bassoon Concerto

Posted on: June 2, 2011

In Thursday’s (6/2) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Andrew Druckenbrod writes, “A concerto is by nature a weighty affair for a soloist, so it is fitting that bassoonist Nancy Goeres has been lifting weights to prepare to premiere one. The Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra principal is no stranger to standing in front of the orchestra, but she felt the need to prepare for Alan Fletcher’s PSO-commissioned Bassoon Concerto by bulking up a bit. ‘I was concerned about upper body strength,’ says Ms. Goeres, who is an avid bicyclist. ‘When I solo I play standing up, and the bassoon is heavy and it [involves] a different technique. Biking is my primary focus, but it is not enough. I’ve added lifting weights, yoga and stretching.’ She’s even adjusted her diet, which shows the commitment to artistry that PSO patrons have come to expect from the bassoonist since she arrived in 1984. … Mr. Fletcher received the commission for the Bassoon Concerto after PSO music director Manfred Honeck performed the composer’s Clarinet Concerto in 2008. That latter work was written for PSO principal clarinetist Michael Rusinek and Mr. Honeck was impressed enough to ask the composer to do the same for Ms. Goeres.”

Posted June 2, 2011