Madison Symphony appoints new concertmaster

Posted on: June 7, 2011

In Tuesday’s (6/7) Capital Times (Madison, Wis.), Lindsay Christians writes, “Naha Greenholtz, the youngest of three violin candidates, has been named the new concertmaster of the Madison Symphony Orchestra. Maestro John DeMain said the selection of a new concertmaster following the departure of Tyrone Greive was ‘a very difficult decision.’ Other candidates included Suzanne Beia, the MSO’s current co-concertmaster and a member of the Pro Arte Quartet, and Isabella Lippi, concertmaster for the Elgin Symphony Orchestra. … Greenholtz, who is Canadian and in her mid-20s, led the orchestra in March with a solo on the ‘Carnival Overture’ by Antonín Dvořák. She was appointed Associate Concertmaster of the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra in New Orleans in 2007 when she was 21, joining the first violin string section of the Milwaukee Symphony one year later. Greenholtz currently has a mentoring fellowship with William Preucil at the Cleveland Institute of Music. DeMain expects to see that influence in her leadership in Madison. … DeMain had final say in the appointment of the new concertmaster, but he sought help from a search committee and took a poll of the first violin section and the orchestra as a whole. All ranked Greehnoltz as a top choice, he said.”

Posted June 7, 2011