National Arts Centre’s new online music collection and e-learning resource

Posted on: June 7, 2011

The National Arts Centre in Canada has launched a free online music collection and learning resource in partnership with the Virtual Museum of Canada, known as NACmusicbox TIMELINE. The site features an interactive timeline that that places more than 200 recordings from NAC’s online music collection in the context of social, political, and cultural history. Content of the recordings from the NAC collection, provided by CBC 2 Radio, spans 300 years of music history from baroque to contemporary music. The new NAC site also includes a podcast series, “Canadian Contemporary Music Making in Canada, Post WW2,” hosted by classical-music writer and broadcaster Eric Friesen (English version) and musicologist/critic Jean-Jacques Van Vlasselaer (French version). NACmusicbox TIMELINE is offered through NAC’s website, established ten years ago with the strategic goals of strengthening performing-arts education in Canada and helping develop young Canadian audiences.

Posted June 7, 2011