Pittsburgh Symphony labor agreement a victory for community

Posted on: June 24, 2011

In an opinion piece in Friday’s (6/24) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, League of American Orchestras President and CEO Jesse Rosen praises “the new three-year labor agreement reached by the musicians and management of the [Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra]. … All involved deserve our collective congratulations for reaching a new contract months ahead of schedule. … Not only was the tone of negotiations positive and constructive, the end result is a new contract that observers nearly universally consider to be realistic and fair in every respect. … Yes, the agreement contains reductions in some key areas, most notably compensation, but the cuts are moderated to continue to provide competitive salaries and benefits. Most important, the orchestra and management agreed that artistic excellence is paramount, and that is preserved—helped by the musicians themselves making a substantial voluntary contribution to the organization. Without question, on balance this is a win-win in which the community at large—and music lovers everywhere—comes out ahead. … The next several months are a critical period for America’s orchestras with many going through tough financial times. Those on the bubble can learn much from the PSO. It has demonstrated that when all the stakeholders are candid and realistic, as well as dedicated to the same objectives, harmony happens.”

Posted June 24, 2011