U.K. Arts Council unveils plan to boost private arts philanthropy

Posted on: June 30, 2011

A report Wednesday (6/29) on the BBC News website states, “Details of a £40m fund to boost private giving to the arts—part of a year-old government drive to increase philanthropy in arts and culture—have been unveiled by Arts Council England. The Catalyst Arts fund, it said, will ‘help build the long-term resilience of arts organisations by increasing their fundraising potential’. The announcement coincides with the start of a three-month consultation over proposals to give new tax breaks to wealthy philanthropists who donate works of art to the nation. … Under the Arts Council initiative, £30m of Lottery funds will be invested in a match-funding scheme to increase arts organisations’ ability to fundraise. … It is hoped the money—available to organisations with prior experience of fundraising—will enable arts organisations to generate around £25 million of new money by 2015. Smaller awards will be made available to arts organisations with less experience of fundraising to help them build their fundraising capacity. Alan Davey, chief executive of Arts Council England, said the money would enable them ‘to build their skills and test new fundraising ideas.’ ”

Posted June 30, 2011