Amateurs to get chance to play with Minnesota Orchestra

Posted on: July 8, 2011

Thursday (7/7) on the Minnesota Public Radio website, Euan Kerr writes, “For those who have ever dreamed of playing with the Minnesota Orchestra, there is now a way to do just that. Thursday, the orchestra announced it will run a fantasy camp for amateur musicians in September, which will culminate playing a concert with the full orchestra. … On September 15 and 16, up to 50 amateur musicians will join the Minnesota Orchestra. … The fantasy campers will attend sectional rehearsals, and behind-the-scenes lectures on the classical music business. Finally, it’ll be showtime, as the Minnesota Orchestra plays one of its season sampler concerts. … Campers will pay $500 for the experience, which includes 10 tickets for the concert. Jesse Rosen, the president of the League of American Orchestras says programs like this fill the orchestra’s need to conduct community outreach. ‘It’s a very important way for orchestras to tap into people who love classical music. They may or may not be ticket-buyers, but that’s not the ultimate point,’ Rosen said during the recent League Convention in Minneapolis. ‘The ultimate point is to be of increasing service and value to the community that orchestra operates in.’ A few years back, the Baltimore Symphony launched its Rusty Musician series.”

Posted July 8, 2011