Louisville’s Kentucky Center boasts $9 million in improvements

Posted on: August 15, 2011

In Friday’s (8/12) Courier-Journal, Sheldon S. Shafer writes, “Nearly $9 million in major capital improvements are finally wrapping up at the Kentucky Center in Louisville, three years after the General Assembly authorized the funding. The work was spread out and concentrated over the last three summers when arts activity was minimal. The intent was to cause the least amount of disruption to programs and patrons, said Joe Massey, the center’s senior vice president of facility services. … Work is newly completed on the largest single item on the long list of upgrades funded with the state money—a $4.4 million overhaul of the 2,378-seat Whitney Hall’s hydraulic rigging and mechanical system used to move heavy stage settings and equipment. … The new electrical system also makes it easy to adjust the placement of the 11 large acoustical tiles near the ceiling that project sound from the stage, especially orchestral music. … Despite uncertainty of the status of the Louisville Orchestra, which is in bankruptcy proceedings, Rob Birman, its chief executive officer, said that ‘first and foremost, I am extremely excited about the work being done at the center. It means that audiences, for the first time in many years, will be able to hear performances in the way the (acoustics engineers) designed the hall.’ ”

Posted August 15, 2011