Details yet to emerge from Colorado Symphony’s financial struggle

Posted on: October 3, 2011

In Saturday’s (10/1) Denver Post, Kyle MacMillan writes, “Confusion, concern and even fear have swirled through Denver’s cultural community in the three weeks since The Denver Post reported the existence of an internal report detailing the Colorado Symphony’s precarious financial situation. … While the orchestra has negotiated emergency salary concessions from its musicians amounting to a 9 percent pay cut this season, it has yet to clearly detail a financial plan for weathering its current fiscal year, let alone the long term. … As of press time, the symphony had issued no public statement at all last week, with spokeswoman Margaret Williams saying Tuesday in an e-mail that the orchestra was in a ‘bit of a holding pattern’—hardly a reassuring sign. … Obviously, this is bad news for people who enjoy classical music and are regular attendees of Colorado Symphony events. But it’s also bad news for everyone else in Denver, because, like a great library or a winning football team, a good orchestra is an essential part of cosmopolitan, creative-minded cities.”

Posted October 3, 2011