League president named one of top 25 most influential arts leaders

Posted on: October 14, 2011

In its fourth annual ranking of leaders in nonprofit arts organizations, Barry’s Blog, a news, advice, and opinion column of the Western States Arts Federation written by Barry Hessenius, ranked League of American Orchestras President and CEO Jesse Rosen as one of the country’s “top 25 most influential and powerful leaders in nonprofit arts.” Among those on the list, which was posted on August 28, 2011, are heads of nonprofit organizations, grant makers, government funders, policymakers, independent consultants, and influential bloggers. Hessenius explains the selection process, “I again asked leaders from all parts of our sector and all parts of the country (some 75 this year)—from large and small organizations—national, regional and local—and from different disciplines and demographics to send me their nominations for the most powerful and influential leaders in our field.  The process was anonymous and none of the nominators knew the identity of any of the other nominators.” Regarding Rosen, Hessenius comments, “As one person put it: ‘The symphony world keeps hoping the clock will return to the mid 1990s and all will be well. Jesse knows better and, against lots of field pressure, is trying to push the rock up the hill.’ ”

Posted October 14, 2011