Naxos takes a new tack with latest pair of releases

Posted on: October 28, 2011

In Wednesday’s (10/26) Los Angeles Times, Marcia Adair writes, “Attention, classical music marketers: Cursive script is boring. Raw meat and green shag carpet are the future. According to classical music label Naxos, that is. … The title of [a recently-released] downloadable album is ‘Bleeding Chunks of Wagner,’ a reference to an oft-quoted passage written in 1935 by English classical music critic Donald Tovey … used these days as a shorthand for excerpts of music played out of context, thus, an ideal title for Naxos’ newest digital compilation adventure. … A few weeks ago, Naxos’ vision of the future of classical music expanded to include the undead. ‘Music for the Zombie Apocalypse’ is made up of 20 tracks as varied as the Introit from Fauré’s ‘Requiem,’ the Prologue to ‘Musique Funèbre’ by Lutoslawski and ‘Discomfort Them, O Lord’ by Tudor composer Thomas Tallis. … Compilations tend to come about because they are cost-effective, digital recordings even more so. … Why, then, do most labels produce predictable, safe compilations? [Naxos Chief Operating Officer Andrew] Doe has an answer: ‘I think it’s a result of averaging in demographic research. If you mix all the colors together, you get dull, muddy brown. Most market researchers would say that I wouldn’t like [classical music]. But I do.’ ”

Posted October 28, 2011