Volunteers: Strengthening Community and Organizations

Posted on: November 3, 2011

Arts Insights, the monthly publication of Arts Consulting Group, features an article with some of the latest thinking about the value of volunteers and new ways for arts organizations to work with volunteers. Written by Rebekah Lambert, Senior Consultant at Arts Consulting Group, “Volunteer Engagement: Strengthen Your Community Connection, Strengthen Your Organization” points out, “Based on NEA data, 78 million Americans visited an art museum or attended a live arts performance in the twelve months ending May 2008. And 35.2% of arts attenders report doing volunteer or charity work. That indicates a pool of 27.5 million Americans who are both arts consumers and volunteers.” The article discusses the multiple profiles of contemporary volunteers, offers a variety of ways for organizations to better engage volunteers, and gives numerous reasons to take the contributions of volunteers seriously. The complete paper can be found here. Arts Consulting Group provides a wide range of hands-on consulting services to the arts and culture industry in the areas of interim management, executive searches, fundraising and marketing, facilities and program development, and organizational development.

November 3, 2011