Norwegian airline won’t ban cellos—for now

Posted on: November 11, 2011

Thursday (11/10) on Gramophone online, Andrew Mellor writes, “Scandinavia’s second largest airline has postponed a decision to ban cellos from its cabins after an uproar from Norway’s musical community. Norwegian Air Shuttle, known simply as ‘Norwegian,’ had cited ‘security risks’ when it announced that from November 1 cellos would no longer be allowed into its cabins, even when booked into seats as passengers—a common practice across the aviation industry. Norway’s musical community has demonstrated its collective clout in forcing a welcome climb-down from the airline today. Despite his unwillingness to become the ‘face’ of the resistance, cellist Truls Mørk had lambasted the decision, commenting in the Norwegian press that the new rule would force him to consider moving away from Norway. … Norwegian announced today that it would reverse the decision with immediate effect, but the reprieve is only temporary. The company has asked Norway’s aviation authority, the CAA, to conduct a risk assessment on the carriage of cellos on plane seats, the results of which could mean the reinstatement of the ban.”

Posted November 11, 2011