Cincinnati Symphony musicians sign contract extension

Posted on: November 21, 2011

In Friday’s (11/18) Cincinnati Enquirer, Janelle Gelfand writes, “The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra announced today an extension of its contract with its 86 musicians. Key to the contract, a generous gift from 100-year-old arts patron Louise Dieterle Nippert that will allow the orchestra to substantially address its underfunded pension plans. The CSO would not disclose the amount of Nippert’s gift. But up to $10 million could be needed to fund the two pension plans that are affected, the orchestra’s Chris Pinelo confirmed Thursday. The news of Nippert’s latest gift to the symphony comes nearly two years after her unprecedented $85 million gift to the musical arts, which primarily benefits the orchestra. … The extension of the current contract to Sept. 13, 2015, was ratified this week by the musicians, members of Cincinnati Musicians Association, Local No. 1. The deal was struck 16 months before the current contract was to expire in March of 2013. … The current annual base pay for musicians is $94,900. Salaries will be frozen next year, and the musicians will take on more of their healthcare costs. After next year, salaries will increase incrementally, reaching $99,790 by the 2014-15 season. … An ongoing, sometimes monthly, dialogue between labor and management has been key to reaching a contract,” orchestra President Trey Devey said.

Posted November 21, 2011