Pittsburgh Symphony’s new CEO

Posted on: November 28, 2011

In Friday’s (11/25) Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Marylynne Pitz writes, “Six years ago, James Allan Wilkinson was injured so severely in a California car accident that the state trooper referred to him as the ‘decedent’ in the traffic report because he didn’t expect him to live. Despite coming to the brink of death—twice—Mr. Wilkinson did live and overcame many obstacles to regain his health, a testament to his resilience. That grit is likely to serve the 66-year-old lawyer well as he takes the helm of the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra as its new president and chief executive officer. He succeeds Larry Tamburri, who resigned on Nov. 14 after a seven-year tenure. … In an interview this week in his fifth-floor office at Heinz Hall, Mr. Wilkinson said his top two challenges are raising additional funds and building a larger audience. White-haired and bespectacled, Mr. Wilkinson is a personable, unpretentious man dressed in a red sweater and khaki slacks. He’s also reserved and, like a lot of lawyers, speaks in measured, thoughtful sentences. … ‘He is smart. He is well regarded by the orchestra, the staff and the board. He is deeply committed to the symphony, so it was an easy choice,’ said Richard P. Simmons, chairman of the PSO board.”

Posted November 28, 2011