Louisville Orchestra posts musicians-wanted ad on Craigslist

Posted on: November 30, 2011

A report posted Tuesday (11/29) on the Louisville, Kentucky news site WDRB.com states, “The Louisville Orchestra is looking for new musicians—online! A Craigslist ad states the Orchestra is looking to replace the current musicians who they say are on strike.  For their part, the musicians say they have never been on strike. They have been without a contract since last May. The minimum weekly salary is posted at $925 with a minimum guarantee of 30 weeks of employment. Orchestra management and the musicians union have been engaged in a bitter contract dispute since May. Earlier this month, the musicians rejected the latest offer submitted by management. The Craigslist ad also lets applicants know they risk being fined if hired, because the orchestra is on the American Federation of Musicians ‘unfair’ list.” A short video feature is also available at WDRB.com.

Posted November 30, 2011