Famed Beethoven letter finally discovered

Posted on: January 12, 2012

A report Wednesday (1/11) on the BBC News website states, “A letter written by composer Ludwig van Beethoven has emerged in Germany after being left in a will. In the six-page document of Beethoven’s scrawled corrections, he complains about his illness and a lack of money. Experts were already aware of the 1823 letter’s existence, but say it is of historic value. Broadcaster John Suchet, who has written books on Beethoven, said finding the letter was ‘hugely significant’. Speaking to BBC News, he said: ‘We’ve always known it existed, therefore the information in it isn’t new, but anything in its original form to do with Beethoven is hugely significant.’ … In the letter, Beethoven asks harpist and composer Franz Anton Stockhausen to help find advance buyers for his Missa Solemnis mass. He also wrote about an eye disorder from which he was suffering at the time. … The letter ended up in the hands of music teacher Renate Wirth, a descendant of the recipient.”

Posted January 12, 2012