University-led symphony project in Syracuse calls it quits

Posted on: January 24, 2012

In Friday’s (1/20) Post-Standard (Syracuse, New York), Marnie Eisenstadt writes, “The Syracuse University-backed plan to return a symphony orchestra to the community has folded. The decision to stop planning follows repeated complaints by musicians that they weren’t being involved in the process and that the plan didn’t provide them with assurances they needed to stay in the community. Half the board of the Syracuse Philharmonic Society left the fledgling effort in December. The remaining members decided Wednesday that they would put their work on hold indefinitely. That decision came after they were told that Ann Clarke, one of the board members who left in December, was planning to put the university’s energy behind a plan by another ex-board member, Robert Daino, to get an orchestra back together. … On Thursday, Clarke, Daino and Andy Russo, the third board member who quit in December, put out a joint statement saying they left the board because they had philosophical differences with the others members. … As the SU-led plan fell apart, a coalition of musicians, smaller colleges and local arts groups who also had been working to assemble a full-time orchestra gained ground. Musicians said they have been working with a group called the Summit and might be close to some kind of an agreement.”

Posted January 24, 2012