Can classical and mainstream music industries band together?

Posted on: February 3, 2012

In Thursday’s (2/2) Guardian (London), Max Hole writes, “Alex Needham’s excellent piece [in Monday’s (1/30) Guardian] on contemporary classical music did a great job of identifying a widespread growth in listener interest in the genre. This trend is not only a bona fide artistic renaissance, but encouraging news for all who invest in music and musicians. We’re currently seeing a melding of genres and a breaking of boundaries across the music world. This recent trend—listeners moving to the avant garde after they start demanding more from the mainstream—has long been acknowledged within pop. … We are now witnessing a musician-led movement gleefully adopted by listeners, in which classical is being rebranded from the ground up. Even the term ‘classical’ itself seems obsolete in the face of what’s being produced and consumed. … What’s needed is a total collaboration between the mainstream music industry and the classical world at every level, from label to artist to administrator to critic. The industry must find the confidence to put its weight and its wallet behind major projects and artists, while the classical world needs to abandon old attitudes and collaborate artistically, opening its doors to legions of new fans.”

Posted February 3, 2012