Violinist Hope brings open ears to Beaux Arts, music of Joachim

Posted on: February 9, 2012

In Thursday’s (2/9) Wall Street Journal, Barrymore Laurence Scherer writes, “The playing of the British violinist Daniel Hope, who is performing at Lincoln Center’s Alice Tully Hall this Sunday, is not just distinguished by its tonal beauty, but by its compelling rhetorical quality—the 38-year-old’s phrasing seems often to express an unwritten text. … During the last six seasons of the venerable Beaux Arts Trio, Mr. Hope was its violinist, the youngest member in its history. Mr. Hope’s interests range beyond the classical repertoire, however. In a recent series of conversations and emails, he noted: ‘My goal is always to keep my ears as wide open as possible.’ … During his current visit to New York, Mr. Hope is leading another celebration. On Sunday he joins pianist Wu Han, violist Paul Neubauer, cellist David Finckel and violinist Erin Keefe of the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center in ‘Inspired by Joachim.’ The concert program reflects Mr. Hope’s investigation into the work and influence of the great 19th-century Austro-Hungarian violinist and composer Joseph Joachim … Mr. Hope said that, ‘In a sense, we are reintroducing one of the 19th century’s most transcendent violinists and musical minds to today’s New York audience.’ ”

Posted February 9, 2012