Brooklyn Philharmonic’s “Village” program

Posted on: March 22, 2012

Friday (3/16) on the Time Out New York site, Amanda MacBlane writes, “For the Brooklyn Philharmonic’s rookie artistic director, Alan Pierson, the title of its latest concert event—a multimedia collaboration between the Philharmonic, the Brooklyn Youth Chorus and Roulette called Brooklyn Village—has a strange ring. After all, a borough with a population of 2.5 million can hardly be considered a village. Pierson cites a Francis Guy painting called Winter Scene in Brooklyn, which hangs in the Brooklyn Museum, as the main inspiration for the project. Created only four years after Brooklyn was incorporated as a village, the 1820 tableau depicts a section of Front Street between Fulton and Main streets that was swallowed up by the Brooklyn Bridge. … For Dianne Berkun, founder and artistic director of the Brooklyn Youth Chorus—which is celebrating its 25th anniversary season—the concept of Brooklyn as a village is as much a 21st-century reality as a 19th-century memory. … Connections among the past, present and future were not lost on filmmaker and writer Royce Vavrek, a favorite librettist of the postclassical set. … Vavrek folded together ruminations from Walt Whitman, Copland and current borough denizens, using the Brooklyn Bridge as a central symbol.”

Posted March 22, 2012