What’s Happening at Conference? Five Very Different Perspective Sessions

Posted on: March 29, 2012

This year’s Perspective sessions offer you the chance to hear from orchestras around the country, roll up your sleeves for an interactive workshop on public value, explore the future of the field with tomorrow’s leaders, or see emerging conducting talent in a masterclass. Join us in Dallas, June 5-8, for these exciting sessions and more! Visit americanorchestras.org for additional information.

Check This Out!
Submitted by League members, the Check This Out! session will introduce unique work from across the country in the areas of audience initiatives, artistic projects, business model experiments or innovations, community and education work, social and digital media…and more… that have potential for replication and learning by the field at large.

Submit before April 28 – If you think you are doing something no other orchestra is doing, or if you are doing something different than other orchestras, take a few minutes and share it with your peers at Check This Out! on League360.  Someone else in your organization have a project or initiative people should know about?  Please share Check This Out! with them.

Deepening Community Engagement/Earning Public Value
Come prepared to roll up your sleeves for this interactive workshop led by Sarah Johnson, director of the The Weill Music Institute at Carnegie Hall and explore what community engagement really means. You will develop individualized, short-term, achievable action plan as a result of participating in this session.

Inventing the Future
This session will be curated and hosted by a group of young staff and artistic leaders. Some work inside orchestras, others stand a step away – deeply interested and invested in our institutions…. but with questions. We’ll work together in exploring the future of our art form, of the orchestral institution, and of what it means to deepen community ties, engage and re-engage audiences; and build curiosity, loyalty, and investment from the next generation.

Conducting Masterclass with Miguel Harth-Bedoya and the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra

Four emerging conductors will work with Miguel Harth-Bedoya and the Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra on the Dvorák Symphony No. 7. Come and see important new talent at work!

Orchestras Ascending
While many orchestras have (and are) facing hard times, we offer stories of a different sort. This session features three varied perspectives from the Columbus Symphony Orchestra, the Hawaii Symphony Orchestra, and the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, who are changing their intuitional narrative – working their way from scary times to new models of organizational behavior. By addressing the urgent questions around financial sustainability, artistic vitality, and community relevance, these orchestras will inspire you to think differently about your orchestra’s future.

Posted March 29, 2012