Governance Learning Online: Five free eBooks from BoardSource

Posted on: March 30, 2012

League members have access to five free eBooks which are designed to make your board stronger and more strategic.

Boardroom Chemistry is designed to help your board function more effectively by focusing on board structure, behavioral barriers, engaging detached board members, and conflict resolution.

Diversity in Action provides the tools needed to adopt inclusive policies and practices that will create the culture needed to sustain your organization’s commitment to diversity.

Strategic Planning:  Understanding the Process will guide you through what strategic planning is and help you define the right plan for your organization.

New Voices at the Table: Welcoming the Next Generation of Board Leaders is designed to help your board gain an understanding of the habits and perspectives of the next generation of board members.

Fundraising Fitness includes 28 tools to help your board understand the basics of fundraising and how to evaluate fundraising efforts.
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Posted March 30, 2012