National Symphony headed to Latin America, first tour under Eschenbach

Posted on: April 4, 2012

Tuesday (4/3) on her Washington Post blog Classical Beat, Anne Midgette writes, “The National Symphony Orchestra has finally confirmed that, as has long been rumored, it is going to Latin and South America in June. It’s the orchestra’s first international tour under Christoph Eschenbach. The ‘Americas tour,’ from June 12 to 27, involves eight concerts in five countries: Mexico, Trinidad and Tobago, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil (in Sao Paolo and Rio). The two stops in Argentina include a performance at Buenos Aires’s storied Teatro Colon, said to be one of the five best halls in the world. The NSO’s first-ever international tour, in 1959, was also to Latin and South America. … Although the League of American Orchestras does not keep statistics on touring, anecdotal evidence suggests that it’s picking up: New York and Pittsburgh, San Francisco and Chicago have all made or are making tours in 2012. Today, a tour aims to bolster cultural exchange and an orchestra’s reputation, rather than its income; the NSO expects to break even on this tour … In addition, ‘there is increased interest in outreach activities,’ says Rita Shapiro, the orchestra’s executive director. The tour’s main presenting partner is the Mozarteum Brasileiro, who has asked the orchestra not only to lead master classes, but to help flag young talent.”

Posted April 4, 2012