New League Fellows comment on the future of classical music

Posted on: April 5, 2012

Wednesday (4/4) on Huffington Post, Laurence Vittes writes, “To understand what will be at stake and in play in the League of American Orchestra’s annual meetings in Dallas from June 5-8, I talked to the League’s newly-announced Orchestra Management Fellows for 2012.” Eska Laskus comments, “A symphony orchestra should be an integral part of the fabric and heart of the city. We have to make sure that our delivery matches the fantastic nature of our product: Expanding beyond the ‘play a concert and go home’ model, exploring interactive approaches to fit individual needs, and customizing people’s concert going experience are all things that I see developing in the future.” Says Agnieszka Rakhmatullaev, “We will be seeing technology’s increased presence in concert halls around the country and the world. It offers so much potential in reaching out to more people—especially the younger generation, including Internet projects like MTT’s YouTube Symphony. Another example is LiveTitles: real-time translations of lyrics made available on cell phones and tablets to thousands in Millennium Park at last year’s Grant Park Music Festival.”

Posted April 5, 2012