Ready to Think SMART?

Posted on: April 11, 2012

Inspired by Beyond Breakeven: Why Capitalization Matters and Beyond Breakeven 2.0., SMART (Strategy and Money Alignment Readiness Tool) will help your orchestra focus on connections between money, strategy and risk.  Designed for and tested by League members in groups 2 through 8, SMART will be most useful if you’re thinking about how to:

•           Focus on long-term sustainability 
•           Manage expansion or contraction
•           Address structural deficits
•           Undertake a capital campaign
•           Respond to changing audience behavior

This no cost opportunity will help your orchestra broaden its understanding of capitalization and risk assessment, and includes the Strategy and Money Alignment Readiness Tool, as well as consultations with TDC.

You do not have to be a financial wizard to use SMART! With easy to understand instructions that align with your OSR, CDP, or financial statement, plus one-on-one support – participation in SMART is for orchestras of all sizes! Currently, we are accepting only 40 League member orchestras into the SMART program.  Participants must apply and will accepted on a first-come, first served basis.

Want to know more about SMART? Just click here.

Ready to be SMART? Apply here.

If you have further question about SMART or the application process, please contact our Member Services team, or Stephen Lisner, COO, League of American Orchestras, after Wednesday, April 4.

SMART was developed by the League of American Orchestras and TDC, thanks to the generous support of The Kresge Foundation.

Posted April 11, 2012