Original Music Workshop hopes to expand performance opportunities in Brooklyn

Posted on: April 26, 2012

Tuesday (4/24) on the New York Observer online, Matt Chaban writes, “If Bedford Avenue is the main street of modern day Williamsburg, North Sixth Street is the hipster haven’s Broadway. … Now performing on North Sixth Street (even if Northsix is long gone, replaced by a Manhattan concert conglomerate) is the Original Music Workshop. Conceived by Kevin Dolan, a former tax attorney who also happens to be an organ virtuoso, the Original Music Workshop seeks to provide a venue bridging new and old Williamsburg, sustaining music of all types for all ages.” The project began three years ago, in a small townhouse Mr. Dolan, along with architecture firm Bureau V and acoustics firm ARUP, “set about scouring Brooklyn and parts of Manhattan until they found an old sawdust factory on the corner of North Sixth and Berry streets, a century-old sawdust factory. … More than just a concert venue, Mr. Dolan is set on creating what he called an ‘A-to-Z support structure’ for modern musicians. The space will also accommodate rehearsals and recordings, with room for up to 70 musicians during record sessions. For performances, a movable stage will accommodate between one and a dozen performers, with seating for 120 to 180 guests, up to 350 standing.”

Posted April 26, 2012