Alabama Symphony looks to bring Carnegie buzz back home

Posted on: May 24, 2012

In Sunday’s (5/20) Birmingham News (Alabama), Michael Huebner writes, “As the fourth orchestra in a procession of six at the Spring for Music festival at Carnegie Hall on May 7-12, the Alabama Symphony’s presence could have been diminished among the larger orchestras and more gargantuan music presented. The more established reputations, bigger sound and previous appearances at the famous venue by the symphony orchestras of Houston, New Jersey, Milwaukee and Nashville … could have overshadowed ASO’s debut. They did not. … Avner Dorman’s ‘Astrolatry’ and Paul Lansky’s ‘Shapeshifters,’ each distinctively crafted commissions, placed ASO in league with perceived standards established by Spring for Music programs, but Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7 set it apart. By including such an unusual (by festival norms) offering, Music Director Justin Brown and the orchestra reached two principal goals at its May 10 performance: They gave the festival a much needed connection to the heart of orchestral literature, and they revealed the best of ASO. … More important, perhaps, ASO’s musical beacon is now shining past the state of Alabama. … Now comes the real challenge. With Brown having accompanied the orchestra to this level, the audience must show its support back home.”

Posted May 24, 2012