Toward a more collaborative relationship between management and unions

Posted on: July 10, 2012

Friday (7/6) on Huffington Post, Brooklyn Philharmonic Managing Director and CEO Richard Dare writes, “In an era some have described as the neo-gilded age of union busting, let us take a moment to note some of the good things unions do for the arts. … I’ve found the union that regulates our industry has acted much more like a collaborative partner than an adversary and I suspect many others might have similar experiences.” Dare goes on to list several services unions provide to musicians that ultimately benefit orchestras as well, before suggesting a collaborative approach to fund raising. “Often when I’m traveling to meet with funders in Washington D.C. or New York City, I wonder whether going in tandem with union leadership might make sense, because we’re frequently not only talking about producing art and education (which are our core missions), but also about providing local jobs and contributing to community development, which I imagine the union folks know a thing or two about. This is an area I think we may be able to collaborate successfully on in the future because a win by any one of us (management, labor, or the communities we serve) is a win for all of us in my book.”

Posted July 10, 2012