Austin Symphony conductor gets choreographed

Posted on: July 12, 2012

Tuesday (7/10) on the Austinist website (Texas), Nick Courtright writes, “In a city known as the live music capital, there is no shortage of nominees for any hypothetical list of notable local music community members. One person who’d make any thoughtful survey, though, would be the fantastic conductor of the Austin Symphony Orchestra, Peter Bay. … [Bay] will be taking part in an unlikely endeavor this week: as the source of inspiration for choreographer Allison Orr (known for the Trash Project) for a special, conductor-centric dance performance. In advance of Solo Symphony this Thursday through Saturday, we spoke with Peter to discuss what exactly it is he’s doing when he’s conducting, the role of classical music in today’s world, and how he’s more nervous for this dance performance than anything else in his career.” Bay explains: “What you’ll see is I’ll conduct a movement of a Beethoven symphony, as it really is, and then right after that [Allison has] asked me to piece together, I don’t know, about 30 or 40 motions that I use and to repeat them over and over again so people see what the choreography is. … She isolates the gestures, and then strings them together to create choreography.”

Posted July 12, 2012