Alternate version of Vivaldi opera found

Posted on: July 16, 2012

In Saturday’s (7/14) Guardian (London), Dalya Alberge writes, “In a development described by music experts as ‘a bombshell in the world of Baroque opera’, a new version of Vivaldi’s opera Orlando Furioso has been discovered, 270 years after his death. The manuscript has been dated to 1714, 13 years before Vivaldi composed his later masterpiece. It contains as many as 20 new arias, never heard before—all composed around the time that Vivaldi was also working on The Four Seasons, said to be the most-recorded piece of classical music in history. ‘It’s a gift from heaven,’ said Susan Orlando, a Vivaldi expert. Federico Maria Sardelli, the Vivaldi scholar who initially identified the master’s hand, said: ‘The music is completely new for everybody. It’s very exciting.’ Although the manuscript was among vast numbers of Vivaldi papers in an Italian library, it had been overlooked because it did not bear a composer’s name. … The manuscript was found in the Biblioteca Nazionale in Turin in Vivaldi’s personal library. It had somehow been catalogued as a revision of an existing Orlando Furioso by a young Bolognese composer, Giovanni Alberto Ristori.”

Posted July 16, 2012