IFM calls for boycott of Malaysian Philharmonic after musician dismissals

Posted on: August 1, 2012

An Agence France Presse report published in Wednesday’s (8/1) Sun Daily (Kuala Lampur, Malaysia) states, “An international musicians’ group has called for a global boycott of recruitment by the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO), saying the symphony sacked nine members without cause. The Paris-based International Federation of Musicians (IFM) posted on its website a strongly-worded attack on the sackings, in a rare note of discord in the usually genteel world of symphony music. The IFM said the Malaysian Philharmonic’s new chief executive, Nor Raina Yong Abdullah, in a cost-cutting move had issued non-renewal notices to nine musicians including four founding members of the orchestra. … ‘This CEO, with absolutely no music background, has never spoken face-to-face with any of the “dismissed” musicians,’ the statement said. It called on musicians worldwide to boycott the MPO, beginning with scheduled October 12 auditions in New York. … Among those dismissed from their positions were the concertmaster, co-concertmaster, tutti first violin, tutti viola, principal timpanist and principal trombonist, and include the orchestra committee chairman and his wife, the IFM said.”

Posted August 1, 2012