New executive director at DCYOP

Posted on: September 6, 2012

In Wednesday’s (9/5) The Hill Rag (Washington, DC), Heather Schoell profiles Joshua Simonds, the new executive director of the DC Youth Orchestra Program: “Joshua Simonds is a husband to a successful fundraiser, dad to 18-month-old Audrey, a percussionist, and a guy who likes most music—you might find him listening to The Shins, Weezer, or Rush on Pandora. Simonds and his wife, Jaclyn, both got their Masters in Arts Management at American University. … DCYOP needed an executive director, Simonds had proved himself with Chicago Youth Orchestra, and a match was made. Gary Carleton, DCYOP Board Chair, said of their new hire, ‘Joshua’s outstanding management skills and vision for improving and expanding the education and performance quality of the program made him the unanimous choice as the next Executive Director. His strong interest in community engagement also made him a perfect fit with the Capitol Hill community.’ … At 34, he’s bringing some 21st century into the mature and established DCYOP, which this year is 52. In fact, some of Simonds’ goals are to train students as ‘21st century musicians’, to show that ‘orchestra is cool’, and to expand students’ horizons. … At the more advanced levels, Simonds is bringing together a full orchestra—brass, winds, and strings—whereas they had been separated.”

Posted September 6, 2012