Twin Cities orchestras, set for more negotiations, look to spread the word

Posted on: September 21, 2012

Friday (9/21) on the Minnesota Public Radio website, Euan Kerr writes, “Later today, negotiators for the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra and its musicians will meet to discuss management’s latest contract offer. Musicians and management of the Minnesota Orchestra meet for contract talks Monday. … With current contracts expiring at the end of the month, all sides are looking for public support. Getting the word out is a challenge. … Word of the orchestral contract battles had not seemed to have reached the people in Rice Park in St. Paul, even in the shadow of the SPCO’s home at the Ordway Center. ‘This is the first I’ve heard of it, and I’ve gone to the orchestra,’ said passerby Mike White. ‘My wife and I have been there usually about two and three times a year for the last few years. But I didn’t know there was an issue.’ … As committed supporters of the orchestras—quite often financially—patrons are an important factor in the negotiations for players and management. SPCO interim-President Dobson West certainly thinks so. He took the unusual step of posting on the SPCO’s website detailed updates of the negotiations from the beginning of this year. … ‘Transparency is absolutely critical to how we operate,’ West said.”

Posted September 21, 2012