Richmond Symphony at contract negotiation stalemate

Posted on: October 11, 2012

Wednesday (10/10) on the ABC News channel 12 website (Richmond, Virginia), Kelly Avellino reports, “The Richmond Symphony Orchestra is on a shaky note since musicians haven’t been able to reach a contract agreement with their management. Orchestra players say they aren’t paid much for the music they make, about $33,000 a year. The orchestra’s management aims to cut their salaries by nearly $4,000, along with reducing benefits. Viola player Molly Sharp says the musicians are refusing to sign the final offer. … Richmond Symphony Orchestra management says overall funding is down. However, despite ticket sales being solid since 2009, organizers say it’s not enough to make up for the loss. Management says they’ve made as many cuts as possible over the last four years in other areas. … The Richmond Symphony Orchestra opened its season last month, and continues to play for local schools, without a final contract. … The musicians say they’re being forced to take a one-week furlough next week. During that time, they plan to perform on street corners, to raise support from the community.”

Posted October 11, 2012