Board Diversity in Action: A New Assessment Tool Created by BoardSource

Posted on: October 15, 2012

As the demographics of our society change, nonprofit boards are recognizing the need to become more culturally competent to meet the needs of the diverse communities their organizations serve.

Many types of diversity bring value to the boardroom. The Board Diversity in Action assessment tool focuses on age (multi-generational), gender, and racial/ethnic diversity. It covers five areas to determine what phase of development your board is in relative to diversity and inclusion:

•    Overview of diversity and inclusion
•    Perception and value of diversity
•    Policies and Practices
•    Recruitment Practices
•    Board Culture and Dynamics

It is important to consider what diversity means to your board and organization and how adopting more inclusive practices will benefit your organization and lead to the advancement of its mission in a changing society.

To register for the Diversity in Action Assessment tool designed for board members, please click here.

This tool is available to League members at the discounted price of $99.

Posted October 15, 2012