New on SymphonyNOW: Can’t we just listen anymore?

Posted on: October 26, 2012

Are smartphones giving new meaning to “oversharing”? A recent Youtube video of a flashmob performance by WDR Symphony Orchestra in Cologne sparked a comment from one viewer that “it is crazy now how nobody can just watch a thing. They have to pull out their iPhones or cameras and watch it through the screen to record it.” Which raised some questions for us: are we able to just listen anymore? Is our need to document and share the experience with our friends—facilitated by the built-in recording features of today’s smartphones—making us miss out on the shared experience of the event itself? Tell us what you think in a SymphonyNOW poll.

Also this week, we highlight two new piano-related books: Colin Eatock’s deeply personal Remembering Glenn Gould, and Jonathan Biss’s passionate A Pianist Under the Influence about Robert Schumann. And a new documentary “Orchestra of Exiles” follows the formation of the Palestine Symphony—now Israel Philharmonic—from musicians fleeing Nazi persecution.

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Posted October 26, 2012