Lexington Philharmonic extends Terrell’s contract

Posted on: December 4, 2012

A report Friday (11/30) on the Kentucky news site KYForward states, “The Lexington Philharmonic recently announced that it has extended its contract with Scott Terrell as its music director and conductor, for an additional five years through the 2018-2019 season. Gregory Jenkins, president of the LexPhil Board of Directors said that this is wonderful news for the Lexington Philharmonic and for Central Kentucky. … ‘Scott has ushered in a new era for LexPhil which has raised the bar for all of us who love music. This will provide the opportunity for Scott to further hone the core values of artistic excellence, innovation, collaboration and accessibility for our orchestra and will provide the time horizon to solidify the improvements made in Scott’s first several years,’ said Jenkins. … Since arriving in 2009, Terrell has tapped more than 80 international, national and regional artists and organizations to collaborate with LexPhil. … ‘LexPhil has made a commitment to innovative programming, and this is directly attributed to Scott’s passion for exploring the breadth and range of orchestral music,’ stated Executive Director Allison Kaiser.”

Posted December 4, 2012