National labor strife a matter of concern for St. Cloud Symphony and other smaller orchestras

Posted on: December 11, 2012

In Sunday’s (12/9) St. Cloud Times (Minnesota), Stephanie Dickrell writes, “A rash of labor disputes across the country has called into question the sustainability and role of orchestras in a changing society. In St. Cloud, disputes at the Minnesota Orchestra and the St. Paul Chamber Orchestra have affected local musicians and fans who attend their concerts. Orchestras in Indianapolis, Chicago, Detroit and Atlanta also have faced labor disputes in recent months. The specifics of each situation are complicated. And Sandy Nadeau, executive director of the St. Cloud Symphony Orchestra, can only observe. ‘It’s really complex, it’s overwhelming for everyone,’ Nadeau said. … St. Cloud Symphony Orchestra does not employ full-time professional musicians. Rather, it gives local musicians—many of whom are educators—a chance to keep up their skills, to play this repertoire without having to travel to the Twin Cities as well as a chance to engage in musical expression. … ‘Arts organizations across the country struggle periodically, it’s a ripple effect from the economy,’ Nadeau said. ‘We’re struggling to offer programming that is relevant to a changing society. We’re all struggling to fundraise as hard and as fast as we can.’ ”

Posted December 11, 2012