The Board Building Cycle

Posted on: January 23, 2013

Good boards do not just happen: they take care, thought, and planning. This eBook features nine steps for your board to follow through the board development process, including:

•    Identifying, cultivating, and recruiting prospective board members
•    Orienting new board members
•    Encouraging board members to become more active
•    Educating the board about the organization’s work and context
•    Rotating out board members to make room for new skills and insights
•    Engaging the board in a self-evaluation
•    Celebrating the board’s victories and successes

Included is downloadable content containing forms, worksheets, sample documents, and a PowerPoint® presentation for orienting new board members.

The Board Building Cycle, Second Edition: Nine Steps to Finding, Recruiting, and Engaging Nonprofit Board Members
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Posted January 23, 2013