Orchestras increasingly taking up cause of health and wellness

Posted on: February 5, 2013

Monday (2/4) on Polyphonic.org, Ann Drinan writes, “A fairly new initiative among American orchestras is Health and Wellness programs, where orchestras partner with local health organizations to provide musical performances of many different types to patients in a variety of facilities. 43% of the grant monies from the Getty Foundation’s 2012-2013 Education and Community Investment Grants were given to nine orchestras with health and wellness program. According to Jesse Rosen, League [of American Orchestras] President and CEO, ‘More and more orchestras all over the country are finding innovative ways to help address community needs through music. The Ann and Gordon Getty Foundation’s commitment to encourage these important educational and community engagement programs is a great boost to orchestras’ ability to provide community relevance beyond the concert hall.’ I recently interviewed Dr. Lisa Wong, pediatrician and violinist with the Longwood Symphony—the ‘doctors’ orchestra in Boston—which has been involved in health and wellness programs for decades. Dr. Wong can attest to the value of such programs for both the patients AND the musicians performing these services.” Drinan goes on to spotlight the Detroit Symphony’s Neighborhood Residency Initiative, Hartford Symphony’s Musicians Care Project, Knoxville Symphony’s Music & Wellness, Madison Symphony’s HeartStrings, New Jersey Symphony’s Autism Community Initiative, Phoenix Symphony’s B-Sharp Music Wellness program, Pittsburgh Symphony’s Music and Wellness program, St. Louis Symphony’s SymphonyCares, and a yet-unnamed new initiative at the Portland Symphony in Maine.

Posted February 5, 2012