Minnesota Orchestra cancels concerts through April 7

Posted on: February 11, 2013

In Saturday’s (2/9) Star-Tribune (Minneapolis), Kristin Tillotson reports, “Four months after locking out musicians in a labor dispute, the Minnesota Orchestral Association has canceled or rescheduled all concerts through April 7. In January, management agreed to a longstanding musician demand for an independent financial analysis, but the sides have not agreed on the precise terms of that review. ‘Realistically, we are all aware that it will take some time to complete this review. … If we are able to come to an agreement within a time frame that allows us to reinstate some of these concerts, we will make every effort to do so,’ board chair Jon Campbell said in a statement released Friday. ‘There is absolutely no reason we could not return to the stage under some sort of temporary agreement and continue to perform while doing the independent financial analysis,’ said musician spokesman Tim Zavadil on Friday. ‘Certainly, we hope they have not agreed to the analysis so they can prolong the lockout.’ … As previously scheduled, the 2012-13 season would end June 2. Some concerts will be rescheduled into the 2013-14 season beginning in September. Max Raabe and Palast Orchester, scheduled for April 7, will still play that date, but at the Dakota Bar and Grill.”

Posted February 11, 2013