Cambridge Symphony partners with local cancer research group

Posted on: February 13, 2013

Tuesday (2/12) on the Boston Herald online, Jim Palma, Executive Director of TargetCancer in Boston, writes, “A few weeks ago, I was contacted by the Cambridge Symphony Orchestra and given excellent news—they had chosen TargetCancer, the foundation that I work for, to be spotlighted at their upcoming concert on March 30. At first, it seemed like an unlikely pairing. TargetCancer is a non-profit foundation dedicated to supporting research into rare and understudied cancers. It was founded by my late brother-in-law Paul Poth after his own diagnosis with a rare cancer—cholangiocarcinoma—at age 38, and has since provided over $250,000 in rare-cancer research grant funding. The Cambridge Symphony Orchestra is a leading community orchestra, serving Cambridge and surrounding communities for over 35 years with an ensemble boasting over 70 musicians. … When you think about it, the cancer researchers that we support are a bit like musicians—they are presented with raw data, but only through their analysis and interpretation does that data lead to discoveries, much the same way that notes on a page are only turned into something inspiring by the musician playing them. … TargetCancer is proud to be partnering with the CSO, and especially lucky to get to enjoy some spectacular music in the process.”

Posted February 13, 2013