National Orchestra of Wales makes music accessible to deaf

Posted on: March 12, 2013

A post Saturday (3/9) on the National Public Radio website states, “The National Orchestra of Wales has come up with a way to make music more inclusive: by opening it up to the deaf community. Freelance musician Andy Pidcock worked with the Orchestra to come up with a ‘sound box.’ Through vibrations, it transmits music to deaf people who can put their hands on it or even lie on top of it. Pidcock talks about it with Weekends on All Things Considered host Jacki Lyden. And, through an interpreter, Kate Galloway describes what it is like to feel music in this way.” Says Pidcock, “We’re always trying to find ways of making music and a symphony orchestra accessible as well as a visual indication of dynamics of the orchestra. We have big screens, and we invite audience to come and sit amongst the players.” Galloway comments, “It really was quite a profound experience, something none of us would ever have thought that we would experience. … I think by creating this visual event, myself and all our deaf clients really found it fascinating. And everybody’s been talking about it since.”

Posted March 12, 2013