Opinion: Sarasota Orchestra defies “death of classical music”

Posted on: March 12, 2013

In an op-ed piece in Tuesday’s (3/12) Herald-Tribune (Sarasota, Florida), Sarasota Orchestra President and CEO Joseph McKenna writes, “When Mark Twain read his obituary in the New York Journal, he is said to have quipped ‘the report of my death was an exaggeration.’ This is the thought that came to mind as I read a guest column in the Herald-Tribune by Cary McMullen, who lamented the ‘demise of classical music.’ McMullen’s thoughtful article highlighted some of the very serious challenges facing classical music in the fast-paced, technology-savvy culture of modern America. … However, rather than foretelling the obituary of classical music, we at the Sarasota Orchestra see our art form as more vital, not less. As we are bombarded with social-media posts, 24-hour news and the stresses of a new economy, it is more important than ever that we afford ourselves a musical refuge to refresh our souls and appreciate the immense benefits of great art. … While we very much honor and respect those who built this organization, we also recognize that we can only chart a vibrant future for classical music in our community by reaching out to new generations in new ways and endeavoring to explore fresh artistic ground.”

Posted March 12, 2013